Lolaforkids, is small and cute brand of clothes and accessories for kids from 0 to 10 years.

Our inspiration comes from all around the world, our travels, our childhood, our family, our kids, our friends... We like to mix and match stripes and checks, flowers and prints. We like numbers, cakes, cars, buttons, owls, dinosaurs... we like beaches, mountains, volcans, nature... and all things which can be colourful and inspiring a wonderful kid’s world. Our collections are made in different manufactures according to our personal and professional needs that arise us, and our collections are sold in our own online shop at other onlineshops kidswear and wholesale. We like sustainable ways to produce under ethical and ecological means while keeping happiness as the only way. We only use organic and natural fabrics on our collections.

And every cloth is thorough checked by us before mums get them. Let them be who they are



My name is Airí and i was born in Barcelona (city that I adore above any other). I have been living in such different places on my life and all of them, have inspired to me and my profession: In the north Catalonia border with France, in the multicultural city of Bangkok, in the island of Bali, In the lovely Amsterdam and living by travelling in more than 10 countries in Asia: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Cambodja, Bangladesh or Laos. But my life never has been so exciting since my little one came to the world. When she born in Barcelona, i decided stop working and take care of her. She was inspiring me all of those years (and still nowadays) to create Lolaforkids. And, on my free time, im kids fashion designer. 

As a Childrenswear and Print textil designer specialized in Kidswear i'm working also as a kidswear designer doing kidswear collections for other companies in according to their needs and customers.

Let you be, who you are.